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List Quality

We make every effort to ensure the quality and accuracy of our lists.

All incoming data goes through a CASS-certified system that verifies and standardizes postal addresses, dedupes the records, appends/corrects known suites or apartment numbers based on last name, and identify vacant properties (not occupied for at least 90 days and not receiving mail). 

The CASS-certification (Coding Accuracy Support System) engine scrubs the data by verifying and correcting delivery address elements against the DPV® (Delivery Point Validation), LACSLink® (Locatable Address Conversion System), and SuiteLink® files, and standardizes the address to USPS® specs. It then adds missing postal data including ZIP + 4® codes. 

Telephone and fax numbers are compared against location information and updated if necessary.  Numbers containing errors or incorrect NPA/NXX information are deleted.

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