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Our Service Promise

We promise to confirm your order immediately, whether you order by fax or e-mail.  As part of this confirmation, we will let you know if we have any questions about the order.  If there are no questions, we let you know exactly when we plan to ship the order.

We do not charge for shipping.  We usually we ship electronically via e-mail or FTP.  If you prefer, we can ship via overnight courier (UPS or FedEx).  When we ship your order, we include either an electronic document or a printed packing slip.  The packing slip includes the name of the mailer/telemarketer, the list broker, the list being ordered, the selects being ordered, the quantities being ordered, the layout, and any other special instructions requested by the list broker.  We sweat the details to eliminate confusion at the service bureau and delays in your mail/telemarketing campaign.

Once we ship your order, we will confirm receipt by the service bureau.  We will make sure that the service bureau not only has possession of the file but that they can read the file.  We will then provide you with confirmation that the order has shipped and has been received in readable form by the service bureau. 

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